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Like you, I wanted to find a way to grow my LinkedIn presence and build my brand, but I had no idea how to do it, where I should start, or what it would mean for me.

After countless hours of researching, testing some strategies, falling on my face, having some success, and studying what works and doesn't work, I finally found a simple and effective way to build my brand and connections through LinkedIn.

Not to mention an ROI for my time eventually paid off.

Ranked #9 of 36 in Engagement by Scott Ingram in his latest e-book LinkedIn Sales Stars 
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Your time is money and it adds up!

You can do what I did and spend over 350 hours in 90 days trying to figure out how to unlock the secrets of growing your network and maximizing your ROI. It's all free on the Internet and people post daily on how to do it, mostly. You just need to know where to look for it.

Your time is worth something and you should view it that way. Let's pretend my income was $60,000 per year. That would break down to  about $28.00 per hour.

If my worth was $28.00 per hour, I just spent $9,800 of my time trying to figure out LinkedIn and grow my brand. OUCH!

Thankfully the strategy I use only requires me to be on LinkedIn 1 to 2 hours per day for 5 to 6 days per week, with way better results!

 I get more time back in my day with stronger and faster results. This makes networking and building a brand on LinkedIn one of the most powerful social media platforms on the planet for business professionals.

‘Understanding how to get the best use out of LinkedIn became much clearer after reading Ryan’s E-books. 


Starting out can be really daunting for anyone, especially if you aren’t well connected to social media. 

These E-books answers many questions, discusses connecting, who to connect with and offers reasons to think about. 


I wish I had read these before I started out! 


My advice, read these amazing E-books Ryan has written, first before you delve straight in to LinkedIn, it will help answer some major questions’. 


- Jo Rothchild

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You can learn my strategies in less than 30 minutes and jump start your LinkedIn brand immediately!

I wrote these two downloadable e-books, Link In with LinkedIn & Engaging Engagement, because I was spending a lot of time answering these types of questions from many of my contacts. They saw the success I was having and wanted to know how to do it

I had connections offer to pay me for my time, which I refused. They told me the information I shared with them and what they would be willing to pay was upwards of $100.00. Their reasoning was it was saving them countless hours of time trying to figure it out for themselves. Why not just repeat what's already working, like any good system.

Link In with LinkedIn & Engaging Engagement is written for anyone for any job at any place in the world

They are written in less than 6,000 words each with very direct and to the point instructions and examples. It's truly meant for any professional who wants to grow their network.

 "That 15 minutes of reading provided me more information about LinkedIn, and how to make it work for you, than anything I have tried so far. Simple, direct and conversational - exactly the way information best sticks, especially for the adult learner!"

- Kathleen Kauth

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Link In with LinkedIn
Table of Contents


1) It Starts With Your Goal

2) To Connect Or Not To Connect – That Is The Question!

3) Ugh….Content!

4) The 1st Hour Of Your Post Is The Most Crucial

5) Commenting On Your Connection’s Posts

6) Participating in “Lets Connect” Posts

7) Video Works!

8) Automation Tools & Virtual Assistants

9) Pulling It All Together

10) The Art of Direct Messages

11) Success Stories

12) How to Pull Data from LinkedIn

13) A Word of Encouragement

14) An Action Plan for Success

15) About Me

Engaging Engagement
Table of Contents


1) It Starts With Your Goal

2) You vs. Them

3) Lead To, Not With

4) Understanding Human Behavior

5) Long vs. Short Posts

6) Thought-Provoking Posts

7) Dealing With Comments From Your Post

8) Story Telling

9) Emoji or Not?

10) The First Few Lines of Your Post

11) Video and Graphics

12( Frequency & Time of Day for Posts

13) Ways to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

14) 54 Content Examples

15) An Action Plan for Success

16) About Me

You need to invest in yourself. No one takes anything serious if they get it for free. When they have skin in the game, they do it and with results!

Thanks to Ryan’s instruction:


  • I have grown my network by more than 30% in less than two weeks

  • My content engagement has skyrocketed.

  • My ability to keep up with my most valued connections has been greatly enhanced.

  • I am finally posting in my voice, fearless and from the heart


I highly recommend Link In with LinkedIn & Engaging Engagement by Ryan Christopher.  I have been on LinkedIn since March of 2008; I thought I knew all the ins and outs of the platform.  I was wrong.  Thank you, Ryan, for teaching an old dog a few new tricks.


It seems I am part of a large group of people who have created LinkedIn accounts over the years and have not truly engaged the platform until recently.  At 18 years old, LI is experiencing a revitalization of interest, interaction, and opportunity.  It is as if it were a brand new platform.  If you are not on bus, it is time to jump on.


If you are uncertain of what to do, or how to do it, then Ryan is your guy, and these eBooks are a great place to start.  If you are starting from scratch, or a seasoned old expert (like me, haha), I promise you will find value reading this.


I have come to respect Ryan as a coach, teacher, encourager, and, most importantly, a shower.  He has the proof behind his words.  If a metric can be measured, I bet ya he has a spreadsheet on it.  His attention to detail is admirable.  But it is his servant’s heart that shines through.  Focus can be faked, but not sincerity.


If you are considering downloading these eBooks, do it.  If a positive review from a stranger sways you, I give it.  And feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn.


Thank you Ryan Christopher


- Langston Wilson

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I have learned in my professional career that when people are given something, they don't take it serious. They almost brush it off and there is no urgency in it.

I can't tell you how many times I've had people cancel a training event, networking lunch, or some other event that cost me money and they didn't show up. They always had something else come up with a higher level of priority. This was so frustrating!

I can't even tell you the number of times I gave someone a book that was going to jump start their sales career or management career and it sat on their desk collecting dust, not even cracked open to read the table of contents.

When I started giving people the titles of the book or made them start paying to show up for an event, you know what happened? They bought the book and read it and they started showing up for the events. They even got something very rewarding out of it!

Go figure!

Like any tool, you invest time and money. When you use the tool the proper way, you get rewarded for it. A tool makes it easier and more efficient, yielding an ROI.

I had no idea about accessing data or how to streamline the process of pulling at data from LinkedIn.


This helped me find the direct contact info of a huge prospect. We are now in the final stages of negotiations. All because of how to access data on LinkedIn!


These ebooks really sums up the majority questions most people have when interacting with this platform. Most people have preconceived notion of how we are supposed to act on LinkedIn, however most of these are old school rhetoric that no longer apply. This address the new school approach!


- Justin Reynolds

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I was told the value of Link In with Linked was at minimum $49.95 by professionals and that is what they would be willing to pay for it. They saw it as a tool that would yield them incredible results on LinkedIn by gaining more connections and improving their content. An investment that would pay them big dividend in the way they valued growth.

I'm not interested in selling it for that much nor making that kind of money. It's not who I am nor what I'm about.

I would just like to give it away for free, but then I'll have this valuable tool collecting e-dust on someone's hard drive or taking up space in an email box.

Collecting e-dust and taking up space that isn't going to get used is not the intent or purpose of the time I have taken figuring out a simple and effective strategy and the 350+ hours its taken me to put all this together for you.

Ryan Christopher, a D2 Men’s Basketball Coach and a Strong Sales Coach from Kansas, United States has proved once again how amazing of a support he is to the people around the world just through his E Book on how to utilize and grow your network more efficiently on LinkedIn from his very own personal experiences.


These are the perfect E books for a beginner, or for someone who has been on LinkedIn for years but never has been so active and plans to grow their business or network on LinkedIn. And also for someone who is doing really great on growing their network but is totally confused to differentiate if they are looking for Quality or Quantity or both on their Connection List.


90 days – 8,000 Connections? Yes, Ryan Christopher has made this possible and if you want to grow your LinkedIn Network then I would really recommend to start reading these incredible Ebooks which will only lead you to Success in establishing your network and also when it comes to sharing a Content.


These E books will guide you from not only putting out your Life Goals on LinkedIn Community but also will help setting a great example of yourself where connections will not only get inspired by you but also you may end up becoming someone’s mentor / admirer in no time.


Do not miss out on the Success Stories Section as it shows how much Ryan Christopher has imparted on the LinkedIn community.


This will be one of the wisest investment of your life if you really want to do something great for yourself and for the LinkedIn Connections which soon will be your LinkedIn Family.



Payal Thakkar

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It's my goal to touch as many people as I can and give them the strategy they need to be as successful as they want to be.

If you are looking to maximize your exposer on Linkedin, then Link In with LinkedIn & Engaging Engagement by Ryan Christopher are must reads. Ryan does a fabulous job breaking down the Linkedin machine and making it comprehendible for the average user. Ryan explains his process of going from little exposer with almost zero engagement to being one of the elite influencers on Linkedin. 


Ryan touches on everything from content, to engagement, to analytics. I have personally grown my network from 422 connections to over 3,000 connections in just over 1 month using Ryan’s proven method. Engagement on my posts are high and I’ve made some amazing connections.


Whether you are growing your business, looking for a job, or trying to find the next rock star for your company, Link in with LinkedIn & Engaging Engagement by Ryan Christopher is for you.


Thank you Ryan for connecting with me, growing with me, and for sharing your success with the Linkedin universe.


Chris Picklyk

Interpersonal Wellness Service

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