QuadMeets One Week Sponsorship

QuadMeets One Week Sponsorship


You will be featured for an entire week with the below marketing channels QuadMeets uses. We have 26 spots available to be featured over 13 weeks, beginning the week of 11/15/2020. You can be featured for one or more weeks.


Get an estimated 50,000+ impressions to your business for less than $0.006 per impression!


  • Presented in Weekly Email = about 40% open rate & 22% click rate
  • Logo on each QuadMeets = about 75 per week or 300 people looking at it for 30 minutes
  • 30 second company pitch from QuadSquad Leader on QuadMeets
  • Tag & mention for each QuadSquad Leader in their daily recap post on LinkedIn = Estimated 50,000 views for the week
  • Tag & mention on QuadStar of the Day posts = Estimated 2,500 views
  • Home Page Banner placement that week = Estimated 300 views
  • Sponsorship is final - No Refund

  • Disclaimer

    From time to time, a QuadSquad Leader may use a tablet or mobile device to host a session. When this happens, the graphic overlay of the sponsors will not appear. We have to use a 3rd party software solution as a plug in for a virtual camera. The software solution is not campatable with those devices. 

    An alternate zoom background may be used at the discretion of the QSL in this event to attempt to have the logo shown for the entire QuadMeets.

    It's also possible that QuadSquad Leaders will combine QuadMeets on one post, instead of doing seperate posts for the day. Historically, the impressions of a single post and combined post are generally the same. Meaning two single posts are equal to one combined post.