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Kimberly Christopher


She started the company in early 2016, which was a hobby that expressed her creativity into a business.


She got her BS from Creighton University in Education while being on a full ride Women’s Basketball Scholarship. During her senior year in 2002, Creighton was the MVC champions and went on to the NCAA tournament. From her time between school and starting Anything On Anything, she stayed at home with her two children, homeschooling them.


Kim oversees all aspects of the business, including fulfillment. She virtually looks at and approves each project that goes out the door to their customers, making sure each item leaves perfectly.

Ryan with Basketball.png

Ryan Christopher

Chief Sales Officer, Author, & LinkedIn Influencer

Being a D2 Men's Basketball 🏀 Coach really teaches you about player development. Sales people are no different. They need to be developed and need to have a strong sales coach by their side pushing them to achieve their greatness 🤜.

Being a sales coach is one of the most difficult 😣 positions to aspire to be. You need to put others first, you need to learn how they communicate, you need to learn what motivates them (not you), and you need to learn how to ask questions that will change behavior. You need to set your entire agenda aside and tactfully find a way to show your appreciation and passion to help your team be as successful as they want to be (not what you want them to be).

I LOVE ❤️ being a sales coach. I enjoy watching my team members achieve their goals more than I like to achieve mine. Seeing them grow and develop is incredibly rewarding. I guess this is why I have always developed high performing sales teams 🥇.

I also have an enormous passion in meeting with business owners to discuss strategies that will help them achieve their business goals 🎢. It's fun to me when we start talking about growth or profit challenges and then find new ways at looking for solutions that elevate their brand, their team, and their company.

My other huge interest is in the trades 🛠, and this is why I'm a Board Member for KC NARI. The trades have a bad wrap and a lot of young kids do not see the opportunity 💲 they have in front of them by going to work in the trades. It's important to elevate the importance the trades have in our community.

I'm always open to meeting 🍩 ☕️ in person or via phone to discuss virtually anything 📞 📧.

Otis & Moses

Quality Control Managers

Nothing gets past these two! They inspect and make sure each product that goes out is, well, "durable" and "resistant" to any unforeseen mishaps. Occasionally, they may take naps at the office or decide to play at some of the most inopportune times. However, they are loyal and dedicated to their job. So, if you call and hear dogs being dogs, that's them!

Otis was born spring 2018 and is a Boxer Bluehealer. Moses was born December 2018 and is a boxer Anatolian Shepard with a hint of beagle...

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