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Corporate Apparel

Why Promotional Items?

Branding your company is very important and doing it through apparel is one of the biggest bangs for your buck. Apparel will generate more impressions per $1 when compared to any other form of advertising. For example, a branded t-shirt will have a CPI (Cost Per Impression) of about $0.002. You will get an average of 3600 impressions per t-shirt. About 2300 impressions for a polo and 6100 impressions for outerwear.


There are thousands upon thousands of ways to branding your company through apparel. It can be a bit overwhelming. Anything On Anything provides a unique experience with our goal of making this process simple for you. We do this by a couple ways.

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Questions to Ask Yourself:

You can contact us directly and we can help you with some recommendations. Here are some questions we will ask you.

  • What is the purpose of the apparel item? Think is it for sales people, office staff, Wearhouse or truck delivery employees, outdoor use like for contractors

  • What type of quality are you looking for?

  • How do you want your brand or message on it? Think embroidery, screen printing, or laser engraved (links provided).

  • How many locations do you want with your brand? Think left/right chest, full front, full back, left/right sleeve.

  • How many colors or what color schemes based on color of apparel? There is a price difference between one color and multiple ones for screen printing, but no difference in color cost for embroidery.

  • How many will you need?

  • What format is your artwork in? Read this link to learn about artwork format.

To help narrow down the search for you, we have two links that have different types of apparel offered. PROVIDE LINKS TO CLICK ON

Have A Company Store For Your Employees

What is a company store?

  • This is an online store for your company where your employees can choose from a pre-determined menu of products to buy.

Why would I need a company store?

  • This is designed to do a few things for your company.

    • Help protect your brand and establish consistency from a branding and messaging perspective. It’s to make sure your logo is being used properly along with proper color schemes

  • Streamline purchases for your employees

    • You can avoid some extra red tape and approvals needed for purchases. Meaning you could possibly eliminate some steps in your ordering process, giving valuable time back to your employees to do what they do best!

  • Control costs & selections, but yet flexible

    • You can set a maximum amount spent on apparel or other branded items. This allows you the flexibility to empower your employees to make choices of the types of apparel or promotional items they want to have or use.

Do company stores cost our business money?

  • Yes & no. The no being it does not cost your company to have us create one for you – as long as your company maintains a minimum annual purchase from us each year. That is determined based on what extent or purpose you want your company store to be used. The more complex it is, the higher the requirement will be. To put it into perspective, if it’s just an apparel website for employees to order apparel, we have a $2,500 minimum annual requirement. The yes being we want you to purchase your apparel and/or promotional items through us!

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