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NP's and associations for NP and associa

Associations & Nonprofits

Associations & nonprofits are in the top 5 for spending with promotional products and items. It's a big part of branding what they do and stand for. It's also a way to show their appreciation for the support they get from it's members or donors.

We work with a lot of associations and nonprofits and really enjoy the partnership we have with them. If anything below strikes you or you may feel like you are not getting the most out of your partnership with your current supplier, call us. We will be more than happy to partner with you!

Questions to Ask Yourself

Since associations and nonprofits are such big spenders for custom apparel and promotional merchandise, it's important to make sure they are partnered with a promotional product supplier that will truly help them achieve the goals they have at a fair price. Is your association or non profit getting the most out of your current promotional supplier?

What does your partnership truly look like?

  • Are you initiating all the ideas and discussion or is the company you are partnered with?

  • ​Are they contributing to your cause by attending your events or making contributions financially by giving you cash, sponsoring events, or discounting services and goods?​

  • Do they provide you additional insights or ideas?

Do they help you with ways to increase revenue or build brand awareness?

  • Have they spoken to you on ways to encourage members to co-brand the association?

  • Have they explored building you a company store for members or the general public to make purchases as an extra revenue stream?

  • Have they helped you come up with or find ways to provide additional value to your members, donors, or sponsors?

Fundraising Ideas

Using promotional products is a great way to get sponsors for just about any event. It gives the additional exposure to like minded people and they are more willing to fork out cash in exchange for that exposure. Here are some ways or ideas to raise money for your association or nonprofit.

  • Golf Tournaments

    • Sponsors for holes, longest put, closest to the pin, longest drive​, food, beverage, cart, presenting sponsor, etc. ​​

  • Banners or signage at your office or location

  • Name offices or conference rooms after a sponsor

  • Marathon Races ​

  • Trade Show

  • Magazine Publication or Weekly Email ad space

  • Co Branding for other events you will participate in

  • Co Branding on custom t shirts or promotional products & merchandise

  • Annual fundraising dinner

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