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Awards & Trophies


Why Awards, Medals, and Trophies?

Nothing shows your appreciation more than to recognize an individual, team, or company for an achievement. Awards, Medals, Trophies, and Plaques have a very long shelf life. People who receive them typically hold on to them for years upon years.

Questions to Ask Yourself

There are some things you need to consider or ask yourself when recognizing an individual, team or company for an award. After all, you want to make sure it does exactly what you want!

Why are you handing out an award or trophy?

  • Did someone achieve a goal far and beyond expectations?

  • Did a team or individual enter a sport contest and win?

  • Was there a competition between businesses and someone took first place?

  • Has someone been promoted or achieved a specific number of years working with a company?

What type of award do you want to give?

  • Do you want a trophy that is on a base or no base?

    • What does the trophy look like?

    • Is it a person or object reflecting the sport or contest?​​​

    • How big is it?

    • Do you have different sizes for other placement?

  • Do you want to hand out a medal to one or more participants?​

    • Do you want it on a ribbon to hang around the neck?​

    • How big do you want the medal to be?

    • What shape do you want?

    • Is it 2D or 3D?​​

    • Do you have different sizes for other placement

  • Do you want to hand out a plaque with a message on it?

    • Is it to recognize a single person to hang on a wall?​

    • Will you have an employee or sales person of the month and recognize multiple people on it? Or even for top performers?

    • Do you put someones picture on it for a wall of fame for your company or sports team?

What messaging do you want on the award?

  • What are they being recognized for - name of tournament, contest, service, or event?

  • What place or finish does the trophy or award represent?

  • How do you want the name (if any) to be presented on the award?

  • Do you want the names of those who hand out the award to be on it? Think President, CEO, VP, Director, Manager of an organization

  • What font or size should be used?

How do you want your brand represented on the award?

  • Is it just your logo?

  • Do you have your company colors and brand on it?

  • Is it the shape of your logo?

  • Does it even matter?

Other Things to Consider

  • If you can get multiple awards, it will make it more cost effective. The nice thing about awards, medals, and plaques is you can do as low as a quantity of 1. You can also scale up to how ever many you may need.

  • Since awards are very personalized, there may be longer lead times to get them produced. It's best to plan ahead a couple weeks or more instead of waiting until the last minute. Waiting until the last minute will be expensive as there are rush charges with no guarantee you will get it by your deadline. That means you spend way more with no guarantee of getting it when you need it.

  • Material also can play a factor in what you are wanting. Here are some of the material types for common awards:

    • Plastic - but looks like metal​

    • Metal

    • Wood

    • Glass

    • Combinations of these materials

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