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Artwork Services

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Vectored Artwork:

When you send over your artwork to a printer, it’s important it’s Vectored. So, what does vectored mean? In short, it’s the ability to make your artwork as big or as small as you want it without losing or compromising the integrity of it. One way you can tell if artwork is not vectored is by zooming in on your computer screen. If you start to zoom in and the picture starts to look blurry or pixelated, then it’s not vectored. A vectored logo or image will never look blurry or pixelated when you zoom in. Below are two pictures so you can see the comparison.

If you do not have vectored artwork, it’s something we can do for you. Sometimes converting a logo to be vectored can take the click of a couple buttons and other times it may have to be recreated. It’s all something we can do for a very nominal fee. Then you get to keep the vectored artwork and you have it. Many other companies will not do that. They want to keep the artwork to give you a reason to stay with them. Not a very good reason to keep using a promotional company!

Vectored Artwork.png


Very High quality image where you can make the image as small or big as you want without distorting it.

Non Vectored Artwork.png

Not Vectored

Typically only for websites. If you zoom in, you will see pixels or if you make it really big, you will see pixels.

Embroidery Closeup Stitch.png


Typically a .dst or .emb file you cannot see. It looks like this to show stitch count and where the needle puts the stitching.

Complexity Can Be Bad

Any time you add color to screen print a shirt or to print on a promotional product, it adds cost. The cost increase is generated from two things. Increase in additional ink cost as well as time to print it. When having a logo or artwork designed, you will want to ask your designer to make sure you have options created for one or two color. This way you can brand your company other than on printed materials or a website.

Artwork Formats

Just because the file may have been saved as an .ai, .esp, .png, .pdf, .jpeg doesn’t mean it is vectored. It’s what’s in the file that determines if it is vectored. A vectored artwork image can be in any one of these formats.

Artwork Fees

Not as long as we have the vectored artwork on file. As long as we have it (you either paid for it or gave it to us) there is no fee.

Digitizing is a bit different for embroidery, however. As long as no changes need to be made to that particular file, then we can keep on reusing it. However, if a change needs to be made due to sizing and stich count, then there will most likely be a charge.

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