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Laser Engraving / Etching

What is Laser Engraving or Etching?

Laser Engraving or etching is a method that uses a laser beam to change the surface of an object. This process is used to create a logo or an image on a promotional item. It essentially uses very high heat to remove or vaporize the material it meets.

Watch How It Works!

Considerations for Laser Engraving

All that is needed is a high resolution vectored logo or image. The image transferred from the ink plate to the object is extremely fine in detail.

The size and shape of your artwork will determine what items will be best for you to print on. In some cases, you may need to arrange your artwork differently to fit the shape of the object you are wanting to print on. More Artwork Information.



Laser Engraved Wood

Your color option is based on the mercy of the object you selected. You are not able to determine the color you want. After the item is laser engraved, there will be a different color depending on the object and its material. 

Type of Material

Not all material can be laser engraved. Plastic is a bad choice. There are a few types of material that respond well to laser engraving. Glass, metal, leather, and wood are the best choices. Fabric also responds well.

Number of Locations and Size

Laser Engraved Glass

Each laser engraved location for your custom product adds time and a little bit of cost. The more locations you have the more it's going to cost. The larger the image being engraved can also increase cost due to the amount of time required.


Laser engraving does allow for a low quantity of 1, however, it may not be very cost effective. The more items you have done, drives the cost per item down.

The setup in 1 item is the same setup for 100 items.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Engraved Cutting Board



  • Quick and effective

  • Can use for lower quantities

  • Multiple sizes

  • Limited in colors - you get what you get

  • Most expensive printing option per piece

Ideal for the following:

  • Glass

  • Metal

  • Wood

  • Clothing – Yes, looks Amazing!

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