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The Value of Writing Utensils

We hope you’re not Staying In Your Lane this week and have an open mind to a classic promotional product, writing utensils!

Branded pens and pencils are an incredible way to keep your brand in their mind at all times. In fact, we used a branded pen to take notes for this blog! Pens and pencils have a staying power of 9 months! Usually, people will keep them until they run out of ink/lead.

Providing branded writing utensils is a great way to provide utility with your branded product. Promotional products like pens are a good strategy to provide an ad and brand awareness, without spamming your customers with unnecessary items. Further, when people are getting rid of a pen or pencil, they have a 42% of passing it along to someone else instead of just throwing it away. This puts your brand in someone else's mind, essentially giving your writing utensil a second life and a second chance to spread itself around.

People rate quality as one of the number one reasons they keep a branded item. 69% of people say quality is the reason they keep a branded writing utensil instead of leaving it behind, so make sure you’re choosing a sturdy, useful pen or pencil before throwing your brand on it.

There was a studies that came out that stated that the number of impressions Promotional Writing Instruments generated was around 3,000! And that is throughout the instruments entire lifetime. That number is quite large and very telling on how important these utensils can be. People notice these specific objects every single day.

There are a lot of options when you’re trying to get your promotional pen or pencil made, but consider this before you jump right in. 53% of people say they have a more favorable opinion of an advertiser if their product is made in the U.S.A. By simply choosing a local promotional item producer, you can get extra appreciation from your customers for really no extra cost. They might begin to associate you as a classic American brand, which typically is a big boost above competitors for consumers.

Finally, 51% of consumers say they are more likely to do business with a business that gives them a promotional writing tool. So by simply giving out pens with your brand on it, you could be gaining a whole new customer base you never would have had before.

If you have any more questions about promotional writing utensils, call us and we will be sure to answer them!

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