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6 Reasons Branded Apparel Works

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

1) 85% of people can recall who they got apparel from.

When you think about it, when someone is given an apparel item, they can recall not only who they got it from, but also what’s on the apparel item. Promotional products are a unique way to keep you in mind. Take a moment and start to think through all the apparel you were given. Can you recall who gave it to you and what it says?

2) Apparel gives you lots of impressions.

T-shirts alone will generate an average of 3600 impressions. Polo’s will generate 2300 impressions. Jackets are around 6100 impressions. A typical t-shirt is going to be a range of $7 - $14, depending on how many colors and how many are ordered at any time. This makes branded apparel one of the most cost effective marketing strategies. You are looking at 2/10 of a cent per impression. It’s an incredible ROI!

3) Apparel has an average of a 14 month lifespan.

People don’t often just throw apparel away. They hold on to it and wear it until it serves no purpose by it getting damaged or it doesn’t fit anymore. Think about how long you hold on to apparel before getting rid of it. It's like putting a billboard in front of your customers everyday!

4) Apparel is the gift that keeps on giving.

Once apparel has worn out their use, it’s typically given away to another person. In fact, 68% of outwear and polos are given to another person compared to 65% of t-shirts. This is a great way to keep the brand awareness rolling, even after you've forgotten about the shirts you made!

5) T-shirts are most popular

About 80% of people own a t-shirt with millennials stating they own an average of 5 promo t-shirts. T-shirts alone make up $3.7B in annual sales for promotional products with June being one of the most popular months. No matter if you're layering or just wearing one shirt, T-shirts are almost always part of the equation.

6) Builds employee loyalty

Employees want to feel like the company they work for actually cares – and it goes well

beyond how much they make or a standard benefit package. Employees want to feel valued by the company they work for showing they care about them. One way to show this is by offering your employees company branded swag.

Your employees will wear the branded apparel you give them. They will also wear the branded apparel outside the work space, giving your company more brand recognition. Handing out branded apparel is a cheap way to show your appreciation and gratitude for the work your employees are doing. Don’t believe us – go take a poll and ask your staff if they would wear company branded apparel every day in the office if you gave it to them. You just might be surprised!

Need Help with Apparel Items?

Anything On Anything LLC, helps companies navigate the challenges when selecting apparel items and promotional products. Contact us for a free quote.

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