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Promo Items Have a Great Recall Rate

Promotional items are one of the best investments you can make as a business owner. When it comes to advertisement, consumers under the age of 55 prefer promotional products! We are going to dive into why that is and which promo items are the best.

Why Promo Items Are Popular

Promotional products can be great for many reasons. They contribute to a brand’s marketing strategy, help you gain exposure, get free advertising, and create stronger relationships with consumers that help foster brand loyalty. By handing out promotional products not only are you marketing your brand, but you’re connecting with consumers. You’re creating impressions on them every time they’re using or looking at your branded giveaways, increasing brand recognition and recall, and building a greater relationship with these consumers as they become more aware of and familiar with your brand. The stronger relationship will lead to increased brand loyalty.

The Best Promo Items

The recall for apparel items is extremely high these days. A study shows that 85% of consumers recall the advertiser that gave them the hat, t-shirt, or other apparel product! It definitely helps that your apparel item most likely has your branding on it, but it also speaks to the gesture of handing something out to the consumer for free. Below is a list of items we believe to be the best promo items a company can purchase!

1. Branded Pens

Whether you’re working at the office, studying or going out and need to write something down, people from all sorts of backgrounds and occupations use pens all the time. They’re small, light, easy to carry around, and most importantly, they’re useful. According to the ASI, 89% of consumers have reported owning promotional writing instruments, which generate 3,000 impressions throughout their lifetime.

2. Branded Hats

What do we look at when speaking to someone? We look at people’s faces when speaking to them and that’s why hats are one of the most effective promotional products. Considering the strategic placement, brands that give away hats will create some of the best impressions on people. 69% of consumers reported owning promotional headwear and one-third of men wear their promotional hat on a weekly basis.

3. Branded Apparel

In terms of impressions, one of the most popular promotional giveaway items is outerwear. According to the ASI, they generate the greatest number of impressions on people in the U.S. With 6,100 impressions, 85% of people can remember the advertiser who gave them apparel and 80% of consumers have reported owning promotional t-shirts. Another positive fact is that outerwear is passed along to someone else around an average of 67%. The impressions just keep coming!

Invest In Promo Products

Anything on Anything is here to help you find the products that best fit your company and it’s message. Our team is ready and willing to assist your company in any of your marketing efforts, but especially in the promotional items category. The experience and resources we have at our disposal allows us to be completely confident in ordering exactly what you need or want!

If you have any questions about marketing or getting apparel made, please reach out to us. We would love to talk to you more about the process and all the options we provide our clients. Anything on Anything are the experts you need in this area! Call or message us for more information!

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