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6 Reasons Promo Items Work

1) Creates a more memorable experience compared to other forms of advertising

In today’s world, people are glued to either their T.V. screen, phone, computer, or tablet. They are getting bombarded with adds in every direction. Consumers are 2.5 times more likely to have a positive opinion of promotional products when compared to online advertising. Consumers 55 and younger actually prefer promotional products over other means of advertising like T.V., newspaper, radio, internet, mobile, or magazines. Also, if you compared the recall rate of a company when given a logoed mug or tumbler compared to radio or television, people are able to recall the company on the logoed mug 57% of the time, compared to 32% on radio and 28% on T.V.

2) Promo products have a long shelf-life

The shelf-life of an online ad, magazine ad, T.V. or radio ad is seconds. Promotional items don’t typically get thrown away or put somewhere where you will forget about them. Outerwear has the longest shelf-life of 16 months compared to Umbrellas & T-shirts being 14 months. USB Drives, Desk Accessories and Polo Shirts last about 13 months. Mobile Power Banks and Drinkware, like tumblers, last a full year. Bags make it 11 months while headwear like baseball caps and beanies last 10 months. Writing instruments don’t last quite that long, but 9 months is still impressive. One would think Calendars last a full year, but they don’t. They make it about 8 months.

3) You’d be surprised where promo items find a home

It’s interesting to note that 91% of consumers have at least one promotional item in the kitchen. When you think about it, the kitchen is a place where we all spend a lot of time, so it makes sense. This is important to keep in mind when thinking about the right type of promotional item go brand your business with. A staggering 74% have at least one in their workspace compared to 55% having at least one in their bedroom.

4) Promotional item outperform an Appeal letter asking for referrals

Promo Items Get More Referrals
Get More Referrals With Promo Items!

If you give someone a promotional item, like a tumbler, writing instrument, apparel item,

bag, etc., you increase your changes by 500% in asking them for a referral compared to just writing them a letter in the mail. If you are going to ask for referrals, you better give something with your company logo on it! You put yourself in a much better position.

5) Your audience should determine what you brand and hand out

Women typically prefer bags, writing instruments, and calendars. Men prefer t-shirts, hats, and tools they can use for their job. It all makes sense because 71% of promo items are kept and used based on their usefulness to the consumer. Those items rated highest were in health or safety, computer products, and writing instruments.

6) Promotional Products get used

80% of people own between 1 and 10 promotional products where 53% of people use a promotional product at least one time per week. The average household has between 29 – 31 promotional products. Nearly half of people would like to get more promotional products they can use – and it makes sense, it doesn’t cost them anything.

It’s a way for them to save money, but a way for you to show goodwill to a customer or prospect while building your company brand. After all, before receiving a promotional product, 55% of people report having done business with an advertiser. But, after they get a promotional product, that number climbs up to 85% of people doing business with that advertiser.

Need Help with Promotional Items?

Anything On Anything LLC, helps companies navigate the challenges when selecting promotional items. Contact us for a free quote.

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