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9 Reasons Why Branded Custom Shirts Work

Custom shirts are one of the best ways to brand your company for a multitude of reasons. Here are the top 8 reasons why you should use custom t shirts to improve your brand awareness.

1) At least 80% of people own a custom promotional shirt. If you close your eyes for a moment or even look down to the shirt you are wearing, chances are this point is proven! It's the 3rd highest owned promotion item, behind drinkware & writing instruments.

2) Millennials own a lot of promotional custom shirts too. Up to 5 in most cases! If you are targeting Millennials as an audience for your business, you should really consider handing out a custom t shirt.

3) Promotional t shirts get a lot of mileage. In fact, one custom shirt will get your brand up to 3400 impressions over its lifetime. No other print or digital marketing can even compare to that number of impressions.

4) Giving away a custom promotional shirt is very cheep compared to other forms of advertising when you compare it to cost per impression (CPI). A $7 custom shirt that generates 3400 impressions is an average cost of $.002 per impression! There are very few other forms of advertising that can give you that low of a CPI.

5) Custom shirts is big business. It makes up for over 15% of market share for all promotional products sold. It's staggering to know that custom shirts make up $3.7 BILLION each year. For you math people, that's roughly 525 MILLION shirts printed each year. The U.S. Population is just over 327 Million.... That's over 1 shirt per person.

6) Not all colors are popular. Some are way more than others. The top 5 shirt colors are Coral, Red, Camo, Heather Gray, and a tie for 5th with Black & White.

7) Logoed t shirts are kept for a very long time compared to other promotional items. They have a lifespan for 14 months. If you were to go in your closet and pull out all of your branded t shirts, how many of them have you kept for over 14 months? There are very few forms of advertising that have a shelf life of that long!

8) Out of the 12 months of the year, one month holds the crown for the most searches for t shirt purchases. Can you guess what month it is? It's June!

9) Recall is very high and there is a higher chance someone will do business with a company that gave them a t shirt compared to no promotional item, Meaning you can improve the percentage someone is able to recall your company by 85% if you give them a custom t shirt with your company name on it.

If you haven't considered making a custom shirt for your company or event, you really should. It can be one of the most memorable and cost effective ways to build your brand! Be sure to ask your current promotional company for ideas and pricing.

If you do not have someone you are working with and would like a free quote on your next custom shirt project, you can call us at 913-498-9082 or by email:

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