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Why Tumblers are So Hot right now!

A Tumbler is a flat-bottomed beverage container usually made of plastic or glass. Tumblers include anything from coffee mugs, stadium cups, glassware, or stainless steel cups. You can put your name on them, logo on them, or any type of branding! Tumblers are so popular in fact that about 88% of people actually own some form of drink ware in their home.

Why are Tumblers So Important?

What it really boils down to with drink ware is impressions. Anytime you brand yourself

on any type of tumbler or drink ware, it will be seen on an average of about 1,400 times over the course of 12 months. Most people hang on to these items much longer than 12 months as well. When you realize the opportunity and the massive impact you can have with such an affordable product, you’ll be ordering drink ware on repeat! The benefit of having your branded product in front of someone for years is huge. A study showed that around 71% of Gen X’ers are more likely to do business with the advertiser who gave them Promo Drink ware.

What makes Tumblers So Great?

What makes these products so great is that they are very multi-purpose! They are great for everyday usage and people will fill them up with all kinds of beverages. You can take them to work, on road trips, and for vacation as well. And then there are vacuum tumblers, which allow you to travel even easier with your beverage of choice. They look great, fit into cup holders, and will never spill. The stadium cups are great for parties and restaurants. You can use them as many times as needed and are very cost effective. These cups are great for handing out at trade shows or any type of tabling event. Mugs are slightly more expensive, but still offer a fantastic way to brand yourself with drink ware.

Bottom line is that drink ware is incredibly valuable to companies and everyone loves to see their name or logo on products like Tumblers. Tumblers offer an effective way to market yourself and to get in front of thousands of people!

If you guys have any questions about getting Tumbler and Drink Ware branded please reach out to us. We would love to talk to you more about the process and all the options we provide our clients. Anything on Anything are the experts you need in this area. Call or message us for more information!

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